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OWS: Adam Carolla’s Ignorant Tirade

Posted in Beltway, Social Security/Medicare, Deficit/Debt, Wall Street/Finance/Big Banks by johnperry on December 3rd, 2011

It's hard not to like stories like Adam Carolla's. Had it rough as a kid, family on welfare, gets involved in sports to stay out of trouble, grows up to be pretty successful in the entertainment industry. Good for him, seriously. But he does serious damage to his credibility and the level of respect he had earned for his life story with his over the top, factually challenged, belligerent rant about the Occupy Wall Street movement.


Turn Off Your TV and Read the 99% Deficit Proposal

The last thing the corporate kings want is for you to understand that the Occupy movement actually does have a clue, and that there are many easily workable solutions to the problems we face in this country. This is because these solutions eliminate the one percent's ability to keep raping the rest of us.


Occupy Wall Street Spells it Out

We've been hearing it from all corners of the corporate establishment media, parroted far and wide by an army of clueless apologists: The Occupy Wall Street movement is one without a clear direction or purpose. It's just a bunch of crazy Liberals with nothing better to do; bored college kids taking to the streets to vent their misguided angst, joined by some aging hippies trying desperately to recapture their Woodstock mojo.

Of course, the truly misguided ones are the talking heads – their moral vision obscured by dollar signs, Nielsen ratings and a debilitating fear of authority – and all their dedicated zombie box followers, who willingly accept being told how to think instead of thinking for themselves...


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